Friday, August 20, 2010


Some have been asking, "What's going on, no updates?" I will try to fill you in. I was glad I went to Vancouver but was exhausted when we got home. Cuylar was still having rough days and sleepless nights. I helped him back, we checked out insurance and legal issues with a lawyer. We also enjoyed some stops here and there for an espresso. Cuylar took me to Pajos where we had fish and chips wrapped in newspaper. It was awesome and very nice along the inlet. It rained a little but soon drifted away. Cuylar said the funny thing about rain showers there is that you can walk a little one direction and be out of the rain. We stopped in at his bike shop where he worked and took a look at the intersection where he was hit. On the Monday we went with Scott and Sara to Buntzen Lake. This is where they filmed the movie "Twilight" so it is quite popular now. Apparently up till that event it was a well kept secret. It was beautiful but crawling with people on this holiday Monday. It was crazy for people were settled in every ten feet or so gathered around their huge gas barbeques they hauled in off their decks at home for the day. I never saw anything like it. There was a family that even claimed the dock. They had lawn chairs, coolers and of course their huge double sided gas barbeque out on the dock. There was also a chain link fenced off area designating a 'dog only beach'. Well I think you can visualize and get a whiff of that area. We strolled around the lake a bit on the trail that somehow goes all around the lake. Cuylar managed alright but I think he was tolerating lots of pain, but glad to be on an outing. On the Tuesday we did most of the official business related to the accident and then my son somehow talks me into driving all over the city of Vancouver. Me in my Ford Fusion rental car driving all the way down East Hasting Street to Howe Street. Then the GPS took us right through the center of downtown. Of course one of the electric buses was off the wires and blocked the trail so I had to navigate with out the GPS to get back on track to Smythe Street. My grandparents last name is Smythe so this street is always a bit more comforting than the rest of them. Of course I went over the Granville Bridge and then out to UBC. Cuylar wanted to watch the 'Tuesday Nighter' which is a bike race with all the local cyclists. It was a chance to see his 'people' before he left. We were there a couple of hours early so we went to the Archeology museum, which has been on my list of places to visit for years. I was very glad to see it and view Bill Reid's 'Raven creating man'. Disappointing to me, but again an excuse to revisit, is that the outside grounds were closed as of that morning. I did not get to see the long houses or totems that are outside. I understand you also get great vistas of the ocean from the grounds behind the museum. There was always to be a reflecting pond built on this site and they finally decided to begin construction the day I was able to be there. I guess I am not finished with Vancouver. After the museum I still wanted to see the ocean and so we stopped at the beach on campus. After descending some 500 steps we found ourselves on 'Wrecked Beach', unknown to the two of us that it was a nudist beach. Not the best scenery. I put on my blinders, took off my sandles and waded in the Pacific anyway, I wanted to claim that with in two weeks my feet had taken me into the North Atlantic Sea and now into the Pacific Ocean. It was a hot afternoon and we stopped for an ice cream treat at the top of the 500 steps. Cuylar was managing well but feeling the soreness in his shoulder. We were both surprised at how many people laboured on their way up the steps and they were younger than myself. I must admit I was glad when I saw the last section of steps. The whole beach was in a time warp from the 60's. I am sure the ice cream stand and the tents selling their wares on the beach have been there for 50 years, selling the same things in the same way, with the same proprietors.

We watched the races on campus for the 'Tuesday Nighter'. Scott did well coming in second which for now secures his fist place standing overall.

We had the car packed and pointed towards the airport the night before we left. We woke up at 6:30 and were in the car at 7:00. I was glad to have the GPS though it did take us on a zig-zag route until we were on the main highway to the airport. I was glad to be on the plane, I think Cuylar was lamenting somewhat leaving his home for the past six months. I had to collect my luggage and reconnect in Calgary, however this did not take long, we were concerned that the hour in between flights was not enough for me due to our morning experience in Vancouver. I have never been in a line up to check in as we were in Vancouver. It was crazy, about an hour in the line up.

Malcolm picked us up and I we went to Dairy Queen for Blizzards. Cuylar craved one the day before so I decided to get a treat on the way to the house.

What have we been doing since August 4th when we resettled at home? Anastasia had a kitten dropped in front of her on the highway by the hand of God on August 3rd. We spend a lot of time watching her antics. She is purring on my shoulders as I type this. That cat won the lottery when she fell from the truck ahead of Ana on the highway. Lukas was in the provincial road and time trial races in Moose Jaw on the 8th and 9th of August. He got two silver medals, one should have been gold, but he made a costly error and took a wrong turn right at the end. We stayed with my Uncle Glen and Aunt Lois while in Moose Jaw.

While at home it seems I have spent every hour working on my two essays required for our U of S professor in addition to the work we completed in Europe. I seem to take so much time to complete essays, it consumes me. I need to go to town today to get colored ink and then I will run them off. At this point I may be handing them in on Monday as I do not have a vehicle since Anastasia is working at the pool and Malcolm and Cuylar are working as well. Cuylar was unable to work the first week due to his injury, but went in for the second week. I think he wanted to make sure he hung on to his job he got before he was hurt at the U of S book store. It requires a lot of lifting. Somehow he is managing it. He has seen a specialist here and is looking at booking in physiotherapy. He is also back on his bike with the idea of entering the provincial 40K time trial tomorrow out by Pike Lake. Lukas will do the criterium on Sunday. Orrin came home last Thursday so the past week was the only week this summer that I saw Orrin. I put him back on the plane for Key Lake yesterday for his last shift. He will be back home on Sept. 2d. As for me I am dreading the end of summer. It always bothers me to the point of panic attacks. I went into my classroom and set up my desk and computer just to get my feet wet. I know I have some units prepared. I am sure things will go well. I also have a lot of 'back to school' shopping to do with the kids plus the house and gardens need a lot of attention. So please do not think I am complaining, just overwhelmed. I am also taking two courses up to Christmas. The half class. History of Pop Culture will be over then and the Extended Media Studies will continue till the end of March. Then I will need only one more course to finish my double honors degree. I wonder when I will manage it? It will be a studio class either printmaking or photography.

So there you have it. I may decide to continue this blog as a personal diary, or I will suspend it till I return to Europe again. Next time it will be as a tourist, with my daughter and hopefully husband. I am sure Lukas will be along as well. My two big boys, well they are starting to branch out on their own so we will just have to wait and see what the future presents. We all want to go to Ireland as that is where my husband's family roots are. My daughter wants to go to Greece. I still want to return to France and Holland, it would also be grand to see the rest of Italy, but perhaps in cooler weather next time.

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