Monday, August 2, 2010


I was up early on the 31st as I was anxious to start the journey to Canada. I caught the 10:45 train to the airport and went through the check in with like 1000 other people. The KLM gal talked me into carrying on my extra bag instead of paying the 5o euros. So I proceeded and then at the security it dawned on me that I had put my toiletry bag in that extra carry on as I had planned to check it and pay for it. Well after a little smooth talking they allowed it all through except my contact solution and shampoo. On the plane I went with my manicure set, razor, razor blades, sewing kit and numerous liquids and gels. When I went through customs in the USA I retrieved my checked bag and before rechecking it I loaded it up with all my weapons of mass destruction and went through easily at US customs. Our plane left about an hour late from Amsterdam so I was glad since it cut my wait over down to only four hours in Minneapolis. I managed to fall asleep everywhere. This helped me out a lot as I rented a car in Calgary and drove to my sisters which is an hour from the airport. I hit the pillow by 1:30 a.m. on the 31st in Canada, so it was like 22 hours of travel time. Malcolm booked me an econo box car rental, however they were out so t he agent gave me a convertible mustang for the same price. DREAM CAR. I was nervous about driving it and it was very nice. I slept well till almost noon on Aug. 1st. We went out to visit Great Grandma who is doing very well. I stayed for supper with her and visited after as well. I got to bed again around 11:30p.m.

Up at 5:45 after a sleepless night. I was very tiered. I drove to the airport and the plane was half an hour late. I made it to Vancouver and rented a car and a GPS and now I am at Cuylar's place. We packed for a while and are on a break now. We may go for a walk.

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