Friday, July 30, 2010


My evaluation was with Merit at 9:20. We both did fantastic. Merit got A plus all the way. She is an amazing girl. I did fine too. I got three A pluses and two A grades. My two little assignments were A grades, but I am so pleased to have A plus for my presentation as well as my participation and attendance. I also did the bonus assignment so will score 5% back as well. Yeah ME!!!

Merit helped me get to this pro bike shop that Cuylar would just love. How ever the fellow there did not sell me the medium Rabo Bank Team Kit as he felt it was too big for him and he is big and modeled the top for me so I would understand. He wanted a small for Cuylar and they did not have one. I will have to order on line. The sales man was a past national team member here at a young age so I assume when he was a junior or Espoir (spelling). I told him about Cuylar's accident and he goes; is his scar like this....and pulled his shirt off his shoulder. Crazy, on the right shoulder his collar bone was repaired with plates and pins as a result from a bike crash, just like Cuylar so he gave me some advise to pass along to you son. Sit still and keep your elbow bent so your hand rests on your left shoulder, you should sling it in this position as it will lesson the scaring. He truly believes his scar is larger due to his not listening to rest it like that for at least three weeks, even six and no lifting or athletic stuff. He has quite a scare and felt you would be thankful if you do this treatment to avoid loosening and stretching anything around that plate for the next while.

I did get a few things from that shop and then we went back by bus to our certificate ceremony. This was fun and sad. We all cried when we were saying good bye. It was something. Lots of emotion. Europeans kiss three times on the cheeks as well so you can imagine the hugs, kissing and tears. Finally our instructor got us out of the room and we continued in the front lobby. It was hard. You really make some special bonds in a months time. I want to travel to see the girls in their home countries and meet their moms. It was funny when Emily from New York said yeah come bring your daughter and we will bring our mom for you.....guess I know who will hang out with who. That would be super, I hope it can happen.

I found my way to my hotel with my load of luggage. I need to make better habits in this department and then I went and bought more. I know I am missing my family and I just want to buy them so much! So I shopped around the older part of Utrecht til my feet ached. Stores close at five and that is when I came to my hotel. It is not the same out there. I am like a lost puppy. I may just stay put tonight. I will eat here at the hotel dinning room and relax in my room. I bought my train ticket already and will leave for the airport in Amsterdam just before 11:00 a.m., it only takes a half hour so I will be there three hours before my flight leaves at 2:40p.m. In many ways I can not believe the class and travel time has ended, but at the same time I am glad to go home, it is too long to be away and I have much to do at home, including two short essays for our instructor at U of S. I think truly that if Kieth could have seen the work, dedication, participation and quality of scholarship this group has exhibited he would understand that there is no need to ask for further assignments. He can be super proud of the young people (old students too) that represented the U of S here in Florence and Utrecht. They are top notch and deserve to be graded as such.

Well that is enough for now. I hope to talk to Malcolm and Cuylar tonight so I will be hanging out in the lobby for a while. But, it is dinner time so I may go and order my evening meal.

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