Sunday, July 11, 2010


I went with six of the U of S gals on the 'Vespa' tour. I had a full day of experiencing life as a relaxed Italian. I passed my short drivers course. Two gals on the tour did not and so were not allowed to drive. They were so disappointed. They had to ride passenger with the instructor. The one gal's mother passed and it was the daughter who wanted to do the tour. In the end that girl got to double with her mom, but not drive.

We were on the narrow, hilly, curvy, uneven Italian roads you see in the movies. The Tuscan country side is gorgeous but extremely hot. It felt like the hottest harvest day you can think of on the farm. I must say I did flash back to the seventies when I rode the Sazuki scooter around the farm in my bikini. The feel on the bike was fantastic. My wrists though tonight are stiff. I also could not park the bike on its stand, but everyone was so helpful. We went to a shop for sheep cheese and bread snack. Also Aqua. Then we got to the Chianti winery. Pope Clement XII used his power to make this family a royal family and so they are all prince and princesses and heirs to the winery. Go Figure that one out. At the winery we had an informative tour, our lunch which was a huge meal with two wines and three courses. Then off to sight see and hear histories of the region. Then we went for Gelato and more sight seeing. I so want a scooter! I am so Italian now!!

I came home and decided to do homework so I missed the soccer game. I got some french fries and fruit and worked on my miserable essay. Don't laugh, but I have 16 pages of notes for a six page essay. I also have the power point to do. It is in my head but is not flowing out. Good night. P.S. Cuylar and Malcolm skyped with me for an hour as well. I loved it and must say I do miss home. Too bad you can't be in two places at one time. Malcolm has made strawberry jam and I hear it is raining everyday. Cuylar's crit did not go well yesterday so he is out of a big race he wanted to do this weekend. Good night again it is midnight.

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