Wednesday, July 28, 2010


I am tired of museums. It was a good feeling stepping into our last one today. We had a lecture in the morning and then went to the Catherijneconvent and the Centraal Museum after lunch. The first one had more religious content in the images, but of course with added Dutchism. In the second museum we focused on the artist here that painted like Caravaggio. It was nice to stay in Utrecht. I did a bit of shopping after the museums.

I finished up my presentation and started packing for the trip home. Cuylar did have his operation today, but I had to go to bed not knowing how things went. This morning (Thurs. July 29) I am glad to report that he said on twitter that it was a success and that he is sore and nausiated which is to be expected. Pray no infections set in and that he is indeed on the way to a quick recovery.

Today is presentation day, I will blog about it later.

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