Sunday, July 18, 2010


I slept til 9:40. I showered and got the computer running. Allison soon woke up and then there was a knock. Everyone is hungry. Marie wanted groceries so we followed her. She is European remember so she is a fast walker. She did take us around the canal and found the store. We learned on Sunday's the stores do not open til after 4:00 as they leave time for church masses to finish, then they open later. We were hungry and I needed a koffie - see I am learning Dutch already. All 15 of us from the dorm were together, but some wanted pancakes and others like me just wanted to eat and get a drink. So we split. Seven of us ate where I did. We had a sandwich and salad meal with Koffie and juice. It was not expensive. We scouted out the summer school office and our class room. We got our bearings to the dorm and a grocer that is closer to us and even checked a bike shop out. Yes the stores are closed but not the bike shops. We could rent a bike for five euros a day. Maybe. We can walk to everything. It would be fun to have a bike. That is the Dutch way.

I am in my dorm now. I am not sure where everyone is. Some needed to work on their Chapel essays and others wanted to rest. I wanted to catch up on my blog. At four I am going to the grocer with my own bags to buy toilet paper and other things but the most important now is the T.P!!! as our area is out.

There is a gal from Spain here studying business, her name is Laura. And another Canadian, Chris from Lethbridge, Alberta. I should see if he knows Carmen's family. We will meet knew people in class tomorrow as well. That is the best part meeting all these people from the all over the globe. Bye for now I will add more later.

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