Thursday, July 22, 2010


Today is Thursday, July 22 and we spent 6 hours in Rembrandt's house. I was in the first painting group. We learned how to build a painting up in the Dutch Art Style of none other than Rembrandt. Then we switched groups and had a tour of his house and the museum. We also had an assignment to do while looking at the Rembrandt Studio Student's work. We managed a bagged lunch in there and a walk about the area and a stop for coffee, as each group had three hours before they switched. After we did not stay in Amsterdam as we had paintings to carry home. Some of the group did stay. After supper I went shopping. I am trying to find a Rabo Bank team kit but have not succeeded. You can guess who that is for. I have found the jersey but not the bib shorts.
I also bought myself a little sweater. My feet are tired and I needed some groceries so I called it quits and came home after the groceries. Now I want to focus on homework. I am hoping to go to the sea side tomorrow and Delft for an extra assignment. Bonus marks are always handy.

I also need to tell Cuylar that there is a Cuyler in my class. He is Dutch and explained to me that his origin of his name is Dutch and the old spelling is Cuijler.

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