Friday, July 23, 2010


Just got back from a very relaxing day on the beach at Den Hague. It is a large beach called Scheveningen. It has an enormous pier with a casino out on it over the water. The top tower is used for bungy jumping, which was impressive to watch. The weather network predicted clouds and high of 21. Well, I got sun burnt and it was a wonderful beach day. Allison and I swam in the waves and surprising it was not cold. Now I can say I have swam in the North Sea. We could not convince Danielle and Nicole to swim. I felt they missed out, but they had a nice, relaxing time on the sand. After we went for a bite to eat and of course a beer. I as always, by the seaside had fish and chips. Unfortunate for someone we did have a rescue on the beach today, farther down from us so we do not know what happen but the three rescue trucks and a helicopter were called on to the scene. I think we saw a defibulator and they had the victim hooked up to an IV when they whisked him/her away. Makes you think. However our time on the beach was fantastic.

We went to the beach as we all wanted to do the extra bonus assignment in Delft. We went to the Prinsenhof Museum which was an excellent history lesson on the 16 and 17th Century here in Holland. It covered the 80 years war and the Reformation from Italian Catholic religion to Protestant, as well as, the prosperity of the Golden Age. It was interesting to learn the historical facts through the paintings and artifacts in the museum.

It was fun venturing out on the trains and buses. We managed well. Now I have to do homework. Hope to go to Amsterdam tomorrow.


  1. Looks like you are fun...enjoy. Great pics and I love your might consider artist/writer......

  2. I think my previous messages to you were not sent. But this one ...yes.... other messages were of congrats and encouragement. You are one brave person, having a real blast and enjoying life. Look forward to more reading from your adventures,. monic