Thursday, July 29, 2010


This morning was my presentation, I was concerned about the time limit. I hardly remember it. I hope I emphasized my points, but it is a blur. Then nine of us traveled to Delft to the Porseleynen Fles, to see the Delft Blue porcelain that began here in 1615. It was fun to get out with out an assignment to do. We enjoyed the museum and observed a lady hand painting a plate and saw the workshops. Only two men were working. It was easy to understand the process, it is interesting that everything is made by hand just as it was in the 17th Century, well granted, the Kilns are more impressive and the power helps. Then we went about town. There is a great shopping area and town square. There was a huge market going on. I looked for wooden shoes for Lukas but his size was not there. I have only tomorrow after evaluations to shop. That is how I will spend my last day in Utrecht.

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