Friday, July 16, 2010


Class started at 8:30a.m. at the Chiostro Dello Scalzo built in 1536. The frescoes here are painted by Sarto. They are the story of the life of St. John the Baptist and are done in grisaille style. They are beautiful drawings. I could look at these all day. The 'brothers' here looked after those condemned to death. Thus, you may understand the choice of the iconography of St. John the Baptist for the fresco cycle.

Then we went up to the institute for our presentations. I was on the slate. It went well. I was a little nervous and rambled a little, but got the point across and it seemed that the students understood the emotion of my chapel.

I worked a bit in the late afternoon on my essay, but was quite excited since my presentation was over and the fact that Michael commented on my draft essay that it was EXCELLENT and that I only needed to footnote and it was fantastic. We talked a little about it and the personal story and connection I was making to the Strozzi chapel. I was relieved and very happy about his comments.

We went to a very nice place to eat as a group near the institute after a social that Michael put on for us. He paid for supper as well. The evening was so beautiful. You could have your wedding at the place we went to. We had a lot of fun laughing over dinner about how olive oil is the answer for everything and then the students started to show off creepy things they can do with their arms, or hands or throats. One girl can blow her throat out like a frog and another can put her fist in her mouth. We had a lot of fun with all of this.

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