Sunday, July 4, 2010


Had a lovely stroll this evening along the River Arno from the Ponte Delle Grazie to the Ponte Vechhio. Monique Martin and Georges Vanier's lock installation is installed between the two bridges. The idea is to lock a padlock to the growing cluster of padlocks then throw away the key off the Vechhio Bridge. It symbolizes the locking of your love to someone and thus once you throw away the key - your love can never be unlocked. I locked a padlock on to the installation inscribed ILYWMB and threw the key into the Arno River.

My flights were all on time and 'smooth sailing' one would say. However, I did get up Sat. July 3 at 4:30a.m. to fly out of Saskatoon at 6:10a.m. I flew to Calgary to connect to Minneapolis and then on to Amsterdam and Florence. The flight across Europe was spectacular -clear all the way. It was 39C at 12:30p.m. today, July 4, when I landed.

The airport shuttle brought me about three blocks to my hotel. However, I was so exhausted from the flights that I think I was disorientated and so, I walked around in circles till I managed to find the Hotel Margret. Corinna my roommate followed about three hours later due to her flight delays. I moved in showered and napped at the hotel while I waited for her. We opted for the hotel last week. The Dutch Institute called and their dorms were full. So we decided to take the private bathroom, only two to a room and air-conditioning over the campus. We will move to campus on the 13th when another room becomes available, since the institute is picking up the tab. We are in a busy area but the room is very clean, comfortable and safe. Three doors to lock before you get to our room on the second story.

Of course we had pizza and local beer for supper and gelato for dessert. Corinna is exhausted so we are turning in and will make our way to the institute for 9:30a.m. class. The learning will begin.

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